Finding a natural, chemical-free, biodegradable cat litter


Uuggghhh…I love my two cats, Leonardo and Don Veto. I really do. But I hate cleaning the cat shacks…or so loving referred to as the “crap shacks”. Cleaning them was Andy’s job while I was prego with Kiki (BEST nine months of my life at the time) and since I’m no longer in the child bearing way..the responsibility has fallen back on me.

Leonardo is our problem child. He hates change, protests dirty boxes by pooping outside of them or just throwing up on the kitchen floor, will stalk you until you feed him and bullies our poor  90 lb dog.  Don Veto on the other hand…could care less if you fed him, cleaned the crap shacks or dropped dead.  He’s in his own world and we’re are all in the way.

Now a while back Leo was having some potty issues due to an infection inside his penis that I believe came from the chemies used in scoopable cat litter. The vet said it could’ve been anything but after some research, I came up with my own diagnosis.  Apparently in another lifetime I was a veternarian.  Anyways, after cats go to the bathroom they bury it.  When they are in there kicking around and scratching the walls…the litter releases some crazy dust..which they ingest and gets all over the place including their gentalia. (How gross is this post right?) Anyways – since I’m attempting to go eco-friendly, I started out on the path to finding a better, more natural, chemie free, biodegradable cat litter. I found Swheat Scoopable Cat Litter and decided to give it a shot. It’s 100% biodegradable, septic/sewer safe, 100% compostable and is made from a renewable resource.  I’ve been using it for about a month and I really, really like it!  And most importantly so does Leonardo. It has zero smell so when the boxes are dirty, you can def smell the “dirtiness” but it’s just a reminder to me to get my lazy butt in there and scoop! It’s not cheap..about $10 for a midsize box and we go through it pretty fast with two crap shacks. BUT it’s better for the boys, better for our home and most importantly better for the environment. Ooooo, one more thing….TOTALLY FLUSHABLE!!!!!!!!! No more scooping into a plastic bag (which I loathe by the way) and sitting in a landfill for a million years! Go me!

Here is their site – http://

Naturally yours, Dallas