Using organic household materials for cleaning solutions

A range of natural, non-toxic cleaning products in containers on a shiny reflective surface with a white background.

Ok – so maybe I was a little over ambitious with the whole only using vinegar and water to clean my house.  I mean it totally works for everything…counters, stove, fridger, bathroom, everything.  It’s just the damn floors.  Ok – I’m just going to say it.  And you can get mad all you want – I don’t really care.  I…miss…my…Swiffers.  Before you cancel your subscription to my site and trash me all over the net (or the playground) here’s what I’m up against.  I miss the convenience of pulling out a pre-soaked wipe that just slaps on to the end of a mop that will never have to be cleaned.  I miss the no bucket, no rinsing, no mess convenience of my said Swiffer.  I hate that I’m so weak and lazy when it comes to cleaning…but hey, when you’ve got a nine month old who learned to crawl like, during his last nap and is all over the flipping place…you want to clean your floors FAST!  So I’m still all for the vinegar-baking soda-warm water routine…just maybe like when Kindegarten starts.

I decided to product test Method stuff.   You know..the stuff that you can get at Target?  I bought the OMOP starter kit..came with dry wipes, mop, microfiber floor mop pad thingy and floor juice.  Or cleaner or whatever you want to call it.  Anyways – container was made of recycled materials, floor juice is made from natural products like soy, coconut oil and the like.  Plus it smelled really good.  Not at all chemie like.  Anyhoo – I tried it, I liked it and I just might to continue to use it for a while.  Oh  – once you’re done with the microfiber floor mop you just toss in the wash and reuse. Sweet.  I’m sure someone out there will have something negative to say about Method Products…so feel free to let me have it.  If you want to check them out for yourself here is their site…

Naturally yours, Dallas