Produce Codes


Just a quickie today.  Have you ever wondered what those produce codes on the fruits/veggies mean?  I was thinking about yesterday while in the local Harry Tweeter and though I’d do a quick scan today to see what I could come up with. So here goes:

  • Organic produce stickers start with a 9 and have 5 numbers

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Finding a natural, chemical-free, biodegradable cat litter


Uuggghhh…I love my two cats, Leonardo and Don Veto. I really do. But I hate cleaning the cat shacks…or so loving referred to as the “crap shacks”. Cleaning them was Andy’s job while I was prego with Kiki (BEST nine months of my life at the time) and since I’m no longer in the child bearing way..the responsibility has fallen back on…

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Using organic household materials for cleaning solutions

A range of natural, non-toxic cleaning products in containers on a shiny reflective surface with a white background.

Ok – so maybe I was a little over ambitious with the whole only using vinegar and water to clean my house.  I mean it totally works for everything…counters, stove, fridger, bathroom, everything.  It’s just the damn floors.  Ok – I’m just going to say it.  And you can get mad all you want – I don’t really care.  I…miss…my…Swiffers.  Before you cancel…

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Paper Towel Boycott


Yep.  You read it right.  I’m boycotting paper towels.  My husband doesn’t know it yet…I’m not sure he will even notice since he doesn’t really do anything that would require a paper towel.  But I’m just not going to buy them anymore.  I’m quitting cold turkey and I’m not looking back.  It’s actually been almost a week since we ran out and…

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